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The TNK Show has been on hiatus, but we are back and on schedule now. We are building our line-up as we speak full of some awesome guests. Don't be surprised if there is a return of some past guests and some surprise future guests. Be sure to get in touch and secure your spot. As always, the TNK show will host interviews with various Authors, Musicians, Singers, Comedians, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Artist etc. As well as our infamous informational, Raw, Real, and Revealing HOT TOPICS segment every OTHER week Beginning in April 2014.

Keep in touch, check back often, join us on facebook and stay in the loop ! We strive no to disappoint, but continually surprise! If you're in need of some exposure, secure your spot with the team listeners have dubbed hosted by
"The Baddest Couple on Online Radio!"

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Tony "The Logical Poet" Wade,

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Tony Wade is the eldest of 6, father of two, who currently resides in Virginia with his wife, their son, and his step daughter. Tony Wade is a man not ashamed to admit that he looks toward his heavenly father in all he does for strength and guidance. It is his desire to build a legacy to leave for his daughter, who is now in college, as well as those family members who rely and look to him for guidance.

Between his love for music, and writing, he nourished his skills by aiding in his church's music ministry. Eventually, turning his love for music into a business in 2006, and formed Diamond Productions. By 2009 D.P. was on its way to becoming a thriving music management company. Today, besides continuing to mentor youth musically, D.P. has evolved into DiamondStar Entertainment and now not only vocally trains, manages artist and groups, but also promotes entrepreneurs in all phases of their business and publishes books in many genres. Tony Wade's dream to take individuals with a strong desire and steady focus to the top is now completely under way.

Tony Wade finally took the step to making his literary goals a reality in 2010. His desire is to write story’s that entertain, grab your attention and refuse to let go. He wants you to find yours totally embedded in his character’s world, sharing in his the character’s journeys. With his debut novel, Vengeance Unleashed, he hopes to accomplish this, and so much more.

Watch for further releases from this talented author, poet, and musician, including: Vengeance Unleashed II, Vengeance Unleashed III, Night Watchers, and his upcoming poetry book entitled From The Inside Out. Also look for his submissions in the anthology, Voices Behind the Tears, published by, "Saving Lives Through Lit", which deals with the issue of Domestic Violence & Abuse.

Kiexiza Rodriquez, is a mother of 4, eldest of 11, married woman, who embraces her multicultural heritage. She was known early on as a creative soul, and her creative side was enhanced as she grew up. From school plays, voice and piano lessons, learning how to do hair by watching her paternal grandmother, and learning how to sew from her mother, she wanted to learn how to do it all... all things creative.
Her deep passion for the creative arts developed over the years, leading her to the top of her creative writing classes, and coincidentally, her law class (she was and still is great at debates). Turning to poetry to express things in written form she didn't know how to express verbally, she drew deeper and deeper into her craft.
At the insistence of those around her Kiexiza tried her hand at novel writing in 2005, in an attempt to reveal and share the trials and tribulations she endured as a child and adult. It was her hope that someone else would  be able learn and gain strength from her story. Her personal story however proved to be too painful to tell. Instead, what was created was a factious version from different parts of her life.  Her first novel is part of  "The Beautiful Mess Series", a 5 part sequel, that will take you on a journey with 5 childhood friends. You'll travel alongside them, through their pains, joys as they navigate there the treacherous and often times deceptive waters of life. Parts 1 and 2 of this series are now availavle. As well as Kieixza had a part also in Voices Behind the Tears, and  in Untapped: Erotic First, an anthology published by Naughty Ink, all books can be purchased on Kiexiza's Web Page.

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TnK the Couple!

Their story is one made for a TV special. What happens when two people meet in the midst of  2 storms and forge strong unconscious connections, but get tossed out of each others reach?What happens when your soul-mate is right in front of you but, you don't know it, or don't think you stand a chance with them? They say, 'If you love something you let it go, if it comes back its yours, if not, its not meant to be.' But sometimes,even that isn't even an option...

After enduring a life that would have turned most people to the bottom of a bottle, or worse, Kie pressed on and somewhere inside of her began to believe the things she was told, "there wasn't ONE out there truly made JUST for her. Maybe there wasn't Someone that would love her for real and not do her wrong."
Tony, just wanted to move on with his life and focus on his dreams and separate himself from the pain of relationships past. He desired someone that would support him mentally, support his dreams and feelings. Someone that wouldn't negate his desires but, listen to and truly help him aspire to achieve them.

15 years had past and two old friends, separated by time, often not more than a few streets away from one another yet never knowing it, each yearning to leave the pain and hurt behind them, bump into each other in a chance encounter. Its like they just saw one another they day before. They rekindle their lasped friendship. Neither at the time looking for love, especially Kie, she didn't think Love, loved her. They decid to bridge and form a working relationship, combining their individual creative talents.

Sometimes, the love you desire is staring you right in the face and you don't even know it. Though love is never perfect, it's a Beautiful Mess with the right person to share it with. They've been through hell and back individually and now they finally have that SPECIAL someone they can rely on, and turn to for moral support. In the midst of chaos, they found their GOD SENT.

Together TonyWade, and Kiexiza Rodriquez, make a great team! The TNK Show, is fun, comedic, informal, and yet informational. They are the couple next door, your closest friends, your co-workers (the ones you like) and when you  listen to their show you'll feel like you're in their living room having a fun filled conversation with a group of friends. Sometimes emotions fly, but always everyone's opinion is respected.

Join the TNK facebook group Page to take part in discussions, questions of the day and updates from shows, contest and more!