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Author Daivd Kayles Willimas

Author Bio –   David Kayles Williams is a 26 year old male and a native from Queens, New York. He initially got his start in writing by blogging. It was a way for him to express his feelings without feeling pressured by anyone. He currently is in school for Public Relations and marketing at ashford university. As he started blogging, a friend of his recommended that he write a book about how he views and observes things in the world. Initially he was reluctant about it because he wasn’t sure how people would react to his new found idea. Surprisingly, his blogs did very well and received many views. People were extremely supportive of his idea to write a book and the more he thought about it, the more he felt he should write one. He is still very much shocked by the level of support he has received. He has told people countless times that he expected a negative response. His reason for writing a book is to inspire others and show them that they can be anything they want, as long as they are willing to put the work in. In his spare time, He works with individuals who have disabilities. In the past, he was an intern at the National Broadcasting Channel  (NBC), where he handled important packages and mail for various clients. He has said that that was one of his proudest moments since there were only a  handful of people that worked there. His goal once he becomes successful as an author is to donate money to charity in honor of his grandmother.

Synopsis: A unique view at entrepreneurship , This book focuses on the similarities that eagles and entrepreneurs have in common. We all aspire to have freedom, whether it is spiritual, physical, mental, emotional etc. The eagle represents this and is the pinnacle of freedom, which gives it the ability to fly wherever it chooses. The lion represents power and courage and these same attributes apply to starting a business. Initially, it may seem that entrepreneurs and don't have much in common, but if you look deep beneath the surface, they very much do.


What made you start a writing career?   I greww tired of suppressing my emotions.


What obstacle did you overcome to get your book out? Critics and the naysayers, trying to dictate what I should do

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book? I learned that thru writing, I can motivate others to achieve their dreams


What did you hope to accomplish with the publication of this book? To inspire at least one quiet person to look into entrepreneurship and that not all successful writers are outspoken

Which character did you have the most fun writing about?  Why? My first book is not about characters. It is a motivational book about entrepreneurship. However, I do have other projects that will have characters


What has surprised you most after becoming a published author? The amount of support I have received


What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most? Why? I don’t hate any form of it and I love having creative control.

What are three things you wish you’d known before you reached where you are now? My ability to write, financial literacy, economics


Can you give us one do and one don’t for those aspiring authors? If you start a book, finish it and make sure your book cover is something people will never forget.  Don’t always broadcast your business.


To view FULL Interview Click Here.

Get to know Author Mario Wright~

Author Bio The author Mario SoSa Wright was born and raised in Elizabethtown, NC.  He is 38, single and the father of three daughters.  He picked up the writing bug in 2008 while serving time in federal prison.  The Street Gobblin Novel is the first of three novels that SoSa completed while serving federal time.  Upon being released from prison SoSa submitted his Street Gobblin manuscript to three major publishing companies.  Each of the three companies wanted to sign SoSa to a publishing deal, but they were requesting he move to a larger city.  SoSa declined the offers and set out to launch his own publishing company.  The Steet Gobblin Novel is the first novel to be released under that imprint.  In his spare time SoSa likes to promote parties and in 2014 that hobby turned into another business venture.  Street Gobblin Entertainment was launched and is a full service talent promoting agency.  SoSa is presently launching his Wright Lane Mentoring Program.  SoSa wants to reach out to the youth and help eradicate the gang activity in his hometown.  

Street Goblin Synopsis~ The Street Gobblin novel is slam packed full of action, betrayal, hustling, erotic scenes and more erotic scenes. The novel takes place in North Carolina, Georgia and Jamaica. Amba is a street dudes dream. She is fine and willing to ride and die with her man. Pirate is her counterpart. He is a soft spoken deadly hustler, but it could be an act of betrayal that costs him his life and everyone whom has had contact with him is in danger. Derrick is a crazed lunatic, but he is a lover boy and once the ladies have had a taste of him they can't seem to get enough of him. He is about to make an early departure without permission from prison. He will leave a line of bodies in his path as he hunts down the two people whom have betrayed him. Shantae and Ghetto Boy are trying to rewrite history and become the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, but will they make too many withdrawals from the same bank. Kantasy and Stacks have come upon information that every hustler in the world wants and this information is about to make them rich.

If you have a book trailer, include link or html  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6rSq3ypiDg


What made you start a writing career?  It became a way to pass time while I was serving a prison sentence.  I did not take it serious until after being released and submitting my manuscript to a few publishing companies and they were interested.  


What obstacle did you overcome to get your book out?  I submitted my manuscript and the companies were interested but they were insisting I relocate to a major city which would enable me to be more marketable.  I was tempted to accept the offers but I took it as a challenge and launched my own publishing company. 

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book? I learned I had a vivid imagination.


What did you hope to accomplish with the publication of this book?  I wanted my first published book to become a launching pad for my other endeavours.  My talent promoting agency and my non profit mentoring organization. 

Which character did you have the most fun writing about?  Derrick  Why? He stemmed from my life and 90% of his story line is true.


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Author Yvette Wilson Bentley

How long does it take God to forgive you when you ask? So why are you still harboring feelings of guilt about your past mistakes? God has already forgotten them. Whyen are you going to forgive yourself?

When was the last time you asked God for forgiveness? He equally forgives you your sins, yet, you have not forgiven your brother his against you.. 

Check out Chapter 59 "Help me to Forgive Me" in Yvette Bentley book Enhancing the Journey FMI... www.ywilsonbentley.com


Check out This Video from TonynKie Show Guest RNB Singer Noel


Author Jamie Dossie

Growing up on the west side of Chicago to a dope fiend, Rashad Miller aka- Goldie never knew his father. Tired of the neighborhood kids laughing and staring at him, he missed many days of school, and saw drugs as the only way to make money and have things he wanted in life. Goldie was made to believe that this would be the only life he would ever know. Jasmine moved after high school graduation to start a promising writing career in New York City. The thought of Goldie never left her mind. The love they shared as kids was sweet and innocent; now both grown-up, a loving relationship with Goldie is what Jasmine dreams of. Jasmine comes back to Chicago to live, where she and Goldie try to rekindle a lost love. Goldie s inability to stop his menacing ways was tearing him and her apart. Hustling helped him live, and the love he craved from Jasmine helped feed his soul.


Author Ju Ephraime

Is there nothing this author can write that is wrong? No i dont think so. I have enjoyed all i have read so far and this was not a let down by a long shot. I love this kind of book. It gives you hope that love can cross all borders of time. No matter the plane: death, confusion, doubt, love still lingers. He thought she was gone, everyone thought she was was gone, after all she drowned. 2 went out to sea and only 1 returned. But what was it he was feeling as of late, and who was this mystery woman that washed up on the beach with no memory that reminded him of his long lost beloved? Was he simply making more of simple coincidences, in his agony and pain of missing her, or was there truly more to it? Well you'll have to read the book to find out the answer. But know that it is a book you will NOT want to put down once you begin reading...


Author Stephen Owens

As a mother, daughter, sister, businesswoman and now wife, I have held many roles. I have never really been comfortable in the Lead position though. Rather I've preferred to stay a few rows back and follow. But, what God has for you will continue to burn in you until you alllow it to be birthed, or you return to your Father with his gifts unused.
This book confirmed for me many things I was taught and heard along my way of becoming comfortable in front of the group. Leaders dont make followers, they make other leaders, is one thing i was always taught. The teachings in this book helped me to understand my own gifts. Lead, as Christ leads us.
It took me a while to get around to reading this book, but life has a way of getting in the way of what you are meant to do. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be a Leader, and lead with Christian principals as their guideline.


ARTIST Tameika Abstract Phoenix' Carter

Abstract Phoenix, a mother of 3, college graduate who is ambitious and creative. She loves to help people better themselves and remove the fear of taking steps into new areans in life. Her artwork began as a way to release tension and has evolved into something much more! This creative woman is well on her way to painting her way into many households. Visit her Facebook page and check out more of her wonderful work


Author Shaunta'e

For the Love of the Hustle, exposes in a very real way the reality of what too many youths growing up and ending up on the streets have to deal with on a regular basis. A harsh reality that some have been lucky enough to avoid. The streets can be hard for a young child, esp a young girl, and this book exposes that harshness, the sexual encounters and lengths others go to to try and take advantage of the situation. It in the midst of all that is going on is a great read and you'll get a real look at what and how the lead character gets through all they endure. You'll feel for them, cry with them and wish you could take them into your arms, some you'll want to hunt down, the work of a great writer. Well done Shautna'e, I cant wait to read part 2.

Grab your Copy


Marian L. Thomas - Aqua Blue

Bio –  Author Marian L. Thomas, is no stranger to the world of fiction. With three dramatic and engaging books to her credit: Color Me Jazzmyne; My Father's Colors and Strings of Color, this award-winning author continues to weave colorful stories of emotion and realism, that crosses all boundaries and finds a home in the heart of today's female reader. This has become her trademark.

A short synopsisA friendship that begins to unravel. A young man fleeing the tragic loss of his mother. A romance that crosses the boundary of hatred and proves that love is stronger than the color of skin. Find it all in, AQUA BLUE.


What made you start a writing career? For most authors', they might say that, for them, it began with a love for reading books. For me, it is more the creative aspect of writing. The ability to use my imagination to create something that can be ripped right out of the pages of reality for all women. 

What obstacle did you overcome? Myself. Telling myself not only that I can be a good storyteller, but, that people will see that I am a good storyteller. Most times, we are our own obstacles and must learn to get out of our own way.

What did you learn while writing this book? AQUA BLUE deals with the Virginia vs. Loving case. While doing research, it helped me to look deeper into the strength of love. To see how powerful it really can be.


What did you hope to accomplish with this book? That clean fiction has a place on the book shelves of avid readers. It can reach into the hearts of women. All women.

Which character did you have the most fun writing about? My favorite character was, Jonathan. I adored his strength. I think he painted a good picture of a how young men can overcome the obstacles that life throws at them. 

To View the FULL interview, please CLICK here


SWEETREAD of the WEEk: The Diamond Exchange by Pinky Dior; was a totally awesome read. It wont take you as long as it took me to read it. It truly is a quick engaging read from start to finish. Diamond, Princess, are separated after they witness their family's brutal murder. Years later Diamond has moved on, but has never given up hope that her sister is still alive. Princess however, has had to come to terms with her new life. Find out what happens when greed, love, power, money, deceit and above all else Diamonds are the motivating forces behind the smiles in the eyes around these two ladies.
All i can say is this story was not a regular read! well done!
Check it out and grab your copy


Sweet Read of the WEEK:  I WIN YOU LOSE by Rocky Rose and L. Marie,
If you can handle real, in depth, graphic stories about domestic violence, then you will be able to read this novel. It is several short stories that all deal with the reality of Domestic Violence an all its ugliness.
The stories while graphic in nature, tell the stories exactly as they happen. Violence in any form isn't pretty and there is no way to really sugar coat it and tell the story in a believable way.
Each story in I WIN, YOU LOSE, ends with each abused character becoming victorious and getting their lives together. The only thing i can say i wish was done differently, was I wish the authors had spent more time on the I WIN part of the stories. There was lots about how they were abused and i wish they had equally shared how the characters were able to get themselves out of those situations and change their lives for the better.
But, this is still a novel of short stories worth your time and support.
Check this title and others from Rocky Rose Amazon


Sometimes married life can seem joyless, lifeless in a rut. If you want something more out of your marriage, then Author and Pastor, Jim Hughes's C Through Marriage is just the book for you! Explore the many issues that every married couple is sure to face at some point in their marriage as well as tips to sustain and make your marriage what God intended it to be.
www.CThroughmarriage.com and his daily inspirational blogwww.cthroughmarriage.blogspot.com Missed the show no prob click to listen in http://tobtr.com/s/5358609


Kiz Jones, Atlantis Voyager.....This is the 2nd Sci Fi book I've read in the past week and I totally Loved this one as well. I think i have found a new genre of books to explore. Kiz has definitely gained a new fan, this book was engaging and wonderfully wrote. I hope Alexa gets a hold of her blacking out though OMG, if she passed out one more time i was going to scream!!! and as for Nik, and Apollo Two more egotistical men i have never met in a series... she deserves better than either of them! I can't wait to read the next in this series.


Check out the SweetReadoftheWeek ....Ju Ephraime, A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany
"This novella had many great points to it. I was short and engaging... I read it in one day. There was a slight erotic undertone to it, yet it stayed welled written within the story plot. I thought Edwin would make a return, it would have been a great plot twist but he didn't. Having said that, the story progressed nicely and wrapped up in a happy ending. Mel and Craig made for a nice couple with a few realistic relationship problems, though they had an intense sexual attraction to one another from the beginning. Craig seemed genuinely concerned for Mel and though his past wouldn't let him go and threatened, with some assistance to steal away his joy, he managed to fight for his love.

My main complaint if i had to make one would be that there was lots of narrative, I wish there was more dialogue. There were a lot of parts were i found myself reading what happened by the narrator telling me what took place and I wished the author had let me experience it through the characters dialogue instead of simply telling me what happened, especially when it came to the epilogue.

Yet, i don't think the story fell short by any means and i still enjoyed it."