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Meet the Board Members of SRM

Below you will meet the team that decides it all. They vote, they create, they come together in prayer. They make up the Board of SweetReadz Magazine. It all starts with the head though and all flows from our Lord and Savior. We are a company that puts God First and allows him to lead our steps in all we do. If you'd like to join our team of writers please click the link to the right and contact us.

Founder and Owner's Tony Wade & Kiexiza Rodriquez  ~ 

This dynamic duo has been in and around the entertainment industry for well over fifteen years combined. Together their resumes includes Entertainment Showcases, A&R, Artist Management, Marketing & Promotions, Publishing, and  Online  Radio,  just to name a few. 

Everything this duo does, they focus on and put 100% of thier energy into. Even when life throws them a curve ball, they keep focused on the goal and task at hand, confident that there is a power bigger than the two of them, guiding and directing thier path.

Determined to acquire not just the American Dream, but THEIR dreams and stop punching someone else clock, they continue to forge forward turning over every stone, pushing open every door and obstacle that tries to stand in their way.

Newlywededs as of April 2013, this is a powerful, sweet, loving couple sure to continue to make a name for themselves, as they walk in the path God has set before them unafraid to publicly profess that they put Him first, family second and career third. 

"There is nothing you can't accomplish, with God on your side!" Tony n Kie

Chamani Carter ~ "It's a Teen Life"

Don't let her young age fool you. This young teenaged Princess on the rise, is already a published author, with her eyes set on acting, singinsg and modeling. If she had it her way she'd also be a chef and an OBGYN. 

Chamani has risen above her past and used the pain of her tramatic beginings as a driving force and exposed her pain in her tell all story in the pages of Voices Behind the Tears, and anthology  by 'savingLives Through Lit', where she exposed and proved to other youths who may have endured her same plit, that your future isn't predicated on your past.

She is the only daughter, of her mother with 2 older brothers and a younger borther. But has an older sister,  and younger sister and brother from her father. You know how it is when you're in the middle. 

She is planning on writting more stories here about her life having to share time split between both parents.

Check out her story in the Saving Lives Through Lit anthology - Voices Behind the Tears

Check out her section in S.R.M~ Its a Teen's Life Have a Teen story you'd like to share, you can email me

Regin Waters~  "Ask Reign"

Reign Waters refers to herself as a free spirit. She is a life coach and soul motivator. She views life in light of the grand scheme of things; everything is interconnected. Through the lens of her eyes, both physical and spiritual, situations are signals and lighted pathways leading toward the Creator’s direct path for each soul. There is nothing new under the sun, which gives way to the possibility that nothing is impossible. Every conceivable need has been met by the command of the universe and the Creator. The energy and power that exudes from every soul is the means by which the true Self is progressive and filled with positive light. Check out her Ask Reign section in the Magazine... email your questions to us. 

Tameika 'Abstract Phoenix' Carter ~  Poetic Conversations

Tameika Carter is a mother of three beautiful daughters, born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of the High School of Commerce and of Holyoke Community College. She is no stranger to hard work as she was raised by a single mother of five children. She learned the importance of strength and endurance through her mother.  She has been through many hardships that have brought her to the point where she is today.  As a survivor of domestic violence and other abuse, she decided to dive into the Human Service field to help others who have been in similar situations she faced in her past.  Tameika prides herself in taking her role as mentor and role model to youth and other single mothers,very seriously. She wants to help parents and youths make positive changes in their lives to translate into a more brighter future for them. Check out her Poerty section. If you'd like to submit your poetry please email her.
Altero Ego Abstract Phoenix check her out on FB- a wonder artist.

Inez Reilly ~ Family & Relationships

Inez Reilly was born in Queens, New York to a heroin-addicted mother who abandoned her when she was ten months old. She is a survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, most of which was experienced during her formative years. She attributes her endurance to prayer, positive affirmations and her subsequent acceptance of Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is the proud mother of three natural children, one spiritual daughter and three grandchildren … Keilah, Joshua, Seraya, Joy, Haliek, Ryan and Sidney. She currently resides in Richmond VA. Ms. Reilly refers to herself as a scribe, a composer of written work. She is a writer, at heart. She views life in storybook fashion. Through the lens of her eyes, situations are words and words become art. Writing has been in her blood from early childhood; putting pen/pencil to paper to create stories and poems. At the age of ten she began an autobiographical work, entitled How I Became Me, which she turned into a teacher and received accolades. Writing has afforded Inez an avenue of opportunity to express herself when verbal communication was not an option. She would write her prayers, keep a daily journal and create vision statement for her life. Now, she shares her creative imaginings with the world through her works of fiction and non-fiction inspirational books. Ms. Reilly is a counselor, teacher, mentor, minister and life coach to many. She has traveled across the United States speaking to mixed audiences, sharing her testimony of victory over the situations of her life. She utilizes the tools she has garnered under the tutelage and spiritual nurturing of Dr. Katherine Corbett, as well as the educational support in the Human Services field. Currently, Inez Reilly has completed five books, a self-help spiritual book, ALL OTHER GROUND, and four Christian fiction novels, HOW TO TASTE IT AT THE END OF THE DAY (soon to be adapted to film), COVENANT, LIKE A ROARING LION and BEHOLDEN (all are available on amazon.com). Ms. Reilly is working on several projects, including two books, EAGLE’S NEST and BLOOD-DIPPED targeted to be released in the near future. Check out her section Family & Relationships. If you have questions or comments you can email her.

Deshaun L. Woods

DeShaun L. Woods is a Spoken Word Poet, Actor, Blogger, Mentor, and a host of vast talents is born and raised in Springfield Massachusetts.  Writing since the age of 5, his need to express himself came through crayon and paper, and soon pen.  If he feels it he writes it.  As a Poet, he has performed up and down the east coast performing Poetry in different places, such as; Poetz Realm in Bridgeport CT., The Russell in Hartford CT, Bohemian Caverns in Washington DC, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philly, and Rhode Island. The Renaissance Art Space is considered his home in Springfield MA. He has performed alongside as well as shared the stage with Jamaal St. John, Black Ice, Gemineye, JSun, Crystal Senter Brown, D. Moss, and a host others.  He has performed for his Mayor and the City for the Martin Luther King Observance Rally.  He has spoken against Domestic Violence, Crime, Racism, and he supports many programs that further the youth and move his city in a positive manner.

As an Actor, he has appeared in the play, Who's On My Side by KeShawn Dodds and also featured in the Film of the same name.  His hunger always keeps him searching for auditions, and with his work as a Machinist, his scheduele can vary making things tough.  His Capricorn nature, he always strives to make things work to perfection no matter the deadline and when given it is guaranteed that it is his all. 

As a Blogger, his work has come through sites that have come and stayed and come and gone.  Orato being one who has come and gone, he has wrote a story published with a Five Star Rating seen by over 500k people in one week.  His topic was based on his occupation, which at the time was a Senior Counselor for children with psychological and developmental disabilities where he also taught writing, poetry, and the art of expression through writing and performance.  His blogs on Blogger.com:  I Need Security Please and The Champ is Here (with the latter now defunct) are highlights and lowlights of his life where most get the idea of what kind of person he is.  His way of seeing the world can seem normal, but his idea of normal is where some may find...different. 

As a mentor DeShaun has assisted with creating creative writing programs for youth through the jobs he worked with children in.  Also has been tapped to assist with creative writing/spoken word poetry workshops in schools such as Renaissance Middle/High Charter school, and Kennedy Middle School located in Springfield Mass.

He is currently working on his first album featuring his poetry on his life experiences.  Also working on his first book of poetry and possibly his first screenplay he finds himself always busy doing something with a pen and an idea. 

Tamari Campbell

Elizabeth Funderbirk-Rowe - 

Elizabeth is Mother, Wife, Writer, Blogger, Business Woman, Sister, Friend, Daughter, and Survivor. Originally, from New York, NY, Liz, moved to Buffalo, NY at a young age. Although she has lived in several states over her 31 years of life she now she calls Myrtle Beach, SC home.
She began her writing career as a Blogger of a Literary Journal “Trials Tribulations, and Torn” in 2009. This is a Journal of her Journey to become a Published author. This follows the trials she faces in her personal life as well as trying to navigate her way through a industry she knew little to nothing about. Since then her Blog has grown leaps and bounds and she is always working to keep it up to date. Several of her Articles/Post rank 1-6 on the Google Search. “Publishing A Body Of Work” & “What happens after you have finished writing your manuscript.”
Elizabeth Funderbirk’s debut Novel “Love TORN Asunder” is a Relationship Drama that is Available on line through all major book retailers also on Kindle, Nook, and all E-readers. The second book of this 3 part 4 book series will be out Fall/Winter 2011.
She has contributed Articles to other Blogs and Web Magazines.Her poetry and Official Debut book review can be found in Matties Periodicals. A quarterly literary publication. She is the Owner of a start up Web Design firm, which specializes in Affordable Web Sites built with templates. EyeDesign4u Solutions motto is “Allow us”. Where setting a website can be time consuming, frustrating and costly.... EyeDesign4u will do all the work for just "pennies for quality". Elizabeth is also one of the founder of “Saving Lives Through Lit” a non-profit project that raises fund for Domectic Violence Awareness through promoting literacy, where she serves as the President.

Coach Treasure ~ Inspirational Writer

Check out her section for your weekly inspirational dose. For questions and comments please email her HERE.

Rocky Chris Rose ~ 

"They say I’m a woman of many talents, which is true, my only problem was figuring out which talent(s) I wanted to pursue full time." - ROCKY ROSE

Rocky Rose was born and raised in New Haven, CT. Rocky began to perfect her writing style and seriously value her ability her sophomore year in high school. Only after her English teacher noticed and expressed to Rocky how much talent Rocky had did she begin to believe. Rocky's story, which was read by many of her friends in high school, proved that her imagination was phenomenal, and that she could create wonderful images and scenarios in her mind first, then on paper. Writing was not only fun for Rocky; it also served as an outlet for her emotions. She never had the type of relationship with her parents where she could talk to them about anything so she wrote down her feelings instead. Even though writing came naturally to her, Rocky never once thought about pursuing a writing career until 2005 when she enrolled into the Breaking Into Print writing program, where she completed the course and received her diploma in just two years.

In November of 2010, Rocky met her mentor and sister, Karen E. Quinones Miller, who told Rocky that she had *raw* talent. Rocky began writing her first novel, My Man My Abuser, which is about three years of her life in which she was in a domestically violent relationship. In 2012 Rocky wrote I Win You Lose, which is a compilation of six short stories dealing with Domestic Violence.  

When Rocky isn't writing she enjoys spending time with her daughter, going bowling, to the movies and shooting pool. Rocky resides in New Haven, CT with her daughter.

Mykel J. Green- College Student (oh the things these eyes have seen)

Have you ever not felt like yourself? Have you ever felt like you were someone else?  I understand. I  Have been through a lot in my young life. I left High school, because there was just too much drama going on. Too much fighting, Too much stupidity. But, I went strtaight on and  received my G.E.D then went to College and have been there ever since.  But i've been almost homeless. Had to drop out move to Virginia with my mom. Then drop out to move back to Massachusetss. Ive worked 2 jobs at time plsu school to help make ends meet.  So yeah i get it, hard knock life. I've got a few story's to tell. Want to share your story with me you can email me

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